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With an hour to go before the thrilling premiere of Teen Titans GO! It has been a few years since Strong has played this version of Raven, so we asked what is like to come back and play her after so many years:. Its deep for us. It has 18, 19 years of memories. We all grew up together.

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Raven Teen Titans Wallpaper (74+ images)

The big-screen debut of the superhero team of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven marks the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans, the group originally made up of sidekicks that first appeared all the way back in Characteristics: This version of Robin is impulsive, controlling, obsessive and very defensive about his tiny hands. He was rebuilt, as much machine as man, by his scientist father. Abilities: Like a younger, cooler Inspector Gadget, his metallic body can do pretty much whatever he needs it to, whenever he needs it to. Background: To combat the rare, often fatal disease Sakutia, young Garfield Logan was given an experimental antivirus that turned his skin green and permanently altered his DNA. Abilities: She can fly, has super strength and can shoot beams of energy known as starbolts.

“Teen Titans GO! Vs. Teen Titans”: Tara Strong on Voicing Raven, Show’s Popularity [INTERVIEW]

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