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That Bille Woodruff put his name on it is admirable, for it requires a special kind of courage to claim partial responsibility for dross of this caliber. Because Zoe does things like look at porn gasp! Zoe embarks on an affair with Quinton, but her sexual thirst is hardly quenched. The film positions itself as a revelatory look at the sexual condition, but between the soft-focus, Skinemax-quality humping every few minutes, and the beyond-wooden performances by all on hand, Addicted delivers its message with all the impact of an after-school special. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

Boris Kodjoe, Director Bille Woodruff Talk Sex Scenes at ‘Addicted’ Premiere

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Sign In. Addicted I Hide Spoilers. This movie has a lot of problems.

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