Boys wearing sisters panties

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Lots of boys and men like to wear items of girls clothes. Athough some boys would make fun of you if they knew some narrow minded and stupid boys will always pick on anyone different from themselves. I would suggest though that you try and buy some new girls clothes for yourself. There are two main reasons for this.


I like j********** wearing my sister's panties

It gets me really hard when I do it. Lately I have not jacked off without wearing them and sometimes can't even get hard until I put her panties on. I get so hard when i put them on then end up cuming loud in her panties feel do dame good. I wear panties all the time better them under wear

I wear Sisters Panties

For me that is where I started. I was about 10 or I had a step sister a year older and a half sister a few months younger than me. My dad who was always away working some how managed to get two women pregnant at the same time.
I came across your site, and I really wish to talk to someone about my problem. You see, I am fascinated with, well, female underwear. Please, I am not a pervert or some year old fat guy. I am But I really want to share my problem with someone.