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Drunk and adventurous young woman in some kisses too young, a 17 year old got this title discontinued and now out of print flash the video camera tits, ass, and bush at Spring Break in Panama Cite beach Florida. Some are hesitant to do it for one set of beads, no problem though as TWO sets of beads are quite enough for these greedy, greedy people. I do applaud the makers letting the not so hot girls in as well even if there had no choice and had to pad the running time some how The DVD came with both Volumes 1 and 2. I liked volume 2 better as it's set in Mardi Gras and I liked seeing places that I know in the background Ie. I've been there, hey look The Dungoen".

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Girls Gone Wild GGW is an exhibitionist entertainment franchise created by Joe Francis in , [1] who occasionally appears as the host of the videos. The eponymous company "Girls Gone Wild" was known for its early use of direct-response marketing techniques, including its late-night infomercials that began airing in In February , the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The first Girls Gone Wild film was released in Instances of Girls Gone Wild in popular culture include the appearance of Eminem and Snoop Dogg in the company's videos, [1] [2] as well as various references and parodies of the show in popular television series and movies. MGM announced in that it would release a feature-length film based on the Girls Gone Wild concept.

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