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A computer with an Internet connection is able to expose your children to everything both good and bad that is on the world wide web unless you have some kind of parental control software installed to automatically filter out bad or questionable websites such as pornography, violence, gambling and etc. Most of the time, software that can block porn uses two methods to detect bad websites which is through keywords and a blocklist. As for a blocklist, it requires constant maintenance which is why some of the popular parental control software such as NetNanny and CyberPatrol are subscription based software and not a one time payment for a lifetime license. These dangerous websites not only pollute the young minds but they are also a common source for malware spreading. To automatically block pornography websites, here are 10 free tools. If you want to try and block porn and other questionable content at a lower level, blocking via DNS is another option.

10 Free Tools to Filter and Block Porn on the Internet

Parental Control - Adult Blocker - Chrome Web Store

Anyone who has spend any time searching for anything on the unfiltered Internet knows that explicit content is often just a few accidental clicks away. Through this understanding, parents can block most pornography. Think of DNS as the digital phonebook for the Internet. For families with children, this often means wanting to block access to websites that are categorized as pornography, mature content, violence, weapons, and more. We do this by manually telling each of our digital devices to use a DNS server that prevents access to those categories. This configuration blocks access to all adult, pornographic and explicit sites.

Free Porn Blocker 1.0

Every parent would like to raise their children in a sexually safe and healthy manner. This is even more important since it is one of the keys to preventing sexual abuse, which is a growing menace all around the world. There's no doubt that pornography is a deterrent to the lives of our children and it stops them from enjoying a great childhood. The technology of today, however, has offered us many options in the form of porn blockers that can help us prevent our children from becoming the victims of porn. Today, we are going to introduce you to the top ten free porn blockers of
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