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By age 14, many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. Lack of access. Girls have 1. Lack of physical education in schools and limited opportunities to play sports in both high school and college mean girls have to look elsewhere for sports —which may not exist or may cost more money.

The Benefits of Sports for Girls

Best Team Sports for Girls to Play

The Benefits of Sports for Girls. Youth sports are not just fun to play and watch, they provide important physical, psychological and social benefits for kids as well. We all know the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle, and in fact, kids who play sports are less likely to develop chronic health issues like obesity and type two diabetes and are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle through adulthood. Arguably nothing has done more for girls' sports than the landmark Title IX legislation in Before Title IX, one in 27 girls played sports.

There’s No Such Thing as a “Boy Sport” or a “Girl Sport”- Its Just Sports!

The poll of 2, eight to year-olds found just 57 per cent of girls currently play some kind of sport outside of school or college, compared to 79 per cent of boys. And while 45 per cent of young boys are part of a local sports team or club away from school, just 27 per cent of girls said the same. More than a third of girls blame their lack of participation on feeling like they are not good enough to take part while 18 per cent say they are too shy.
Playing a sport is highly beneficial for girls as they will learn new skill sets, get plenty of exercise, and experience social connectedness when making friends. While most sports require team participation, they all differ in pace and activity level. In order to help our young female youth of America decide what sports are right for them, it is best to learn which sports they are most interested in and what equipment is necessary for them to participate. Soccer is great for those who would like to build up lower body strength and are interested in working in a team.