How to do a rim job

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Five years ago, a rim job was on my hard limits. What a disgusting thought it had been! The mere thought would make me gag. Today, I enjoy tossing the salad immensely: Seeing my partner getting so turned on is incredibly hot. But like with other oral sex techniques for her and for him , there are also a few things that make the difference between any other rim job and a great rim job.

How to Give a Rim Job

Anilingus Guide aka Rimming aka Tossing The Salad

If you were to describe what is a rim job to your partner, you could do so by saying it's performing oral sex on the anal region, using the tongue and mouth. Here's a peek at that eye-opening scene:. The tongue provides sensations unique from other types of stimulation. Some people are afraid to try it, thinking it might not be the most hygienic thing they can do, but there's really no reason to be concerned, as long as there's proper preparation! Now that you know what a rim job is, you will want to know how to prepare for one. There are lots of ways to get yourself squeaky clean in the anal area. Shower - Cleaning with warm water is generally enough.

6 Things You Should Know Before Giving a Rim Job

Despite the immense levels of pleasure that can come from good butt play, people looking at you, straight men still clench tight when something foreign gets remotely close to their anus. Sure, there are some non-sexy things related to our backdoor — going to the bathroom, colonoscopies, etc. If you were to just give anal play a chance, you might find that you or your partner are both turned on by this taboo bedroom act.
A guide to rimming? And as a trickle-down effect, other types of anal play are getting hyped up, too. In the heterosexual, men having sex with women crowd, anyway. Among women having sex with women and men having sex with men, all kinds of anal play has been on the table for quite some time. The general technique is licking.