Ice cube dick tease

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Gimmie that beat, bitch! Open and aimed at your fat little frame How can I miss? I'll twist your cap and take your name Analyze it, my name should be Mack 11 I'm a higher caliber MC, there's no question Anytime you wann run up you get dealt with You get melted "Check Yo' Self" bitch check it Ice Cube, you better tell'em tell 'em mutha-fucka Muggs made the best songs on your third album biatch! Bring it on, nigga This is Shag from the Neighborhood Family Mack 10 is a bitch, suckin' Ice Cube's dick But what you faggots know about some gangsta shit? B-Real: Nothin Let's take it to the streets and fight like real g's What you niggas wanna do? You can't fuck with these Ain't never had a strap now you wanna gangsta rap Can't come to your hood cause you're scared to get jacked Fuck peace, this is war everybody on the floor When I see your fat ass I'm takin' one to your jaw Fuck you Fuck your mama fuck your whole clique Better yet, fuck every nigga that you're down wit' Unoriginal, can't stand bitch made niggas Ice Cube, you'se an actor not a muthafuckin' killa What neighborhood you from?

Ice Cube - Dick Tease [NEW SONG]

Ice Cube - Dick Tease [NEW SONG] - Vidéo dailymotion

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