Male nude drawing

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Sep 04, ISBN Giovanni Civardi breaks down the complex process of drawing the male nude, from making rudimentary choices about framing, lighting and the most appropriate drawing tools, to rendering detailed and anatomically accurate artworks. Civardis own masterful drawings provide an excellent touchstone for the artist wanting to explore the depiction of the male body, and his studies of numerous poses cover all aspects of life drawing. Civardi takes a pragmatic, almost scientific, approach to teaching the subject, combining basic physics with artistic interpretation. Drawing the Male Nude also touches upon the significant anatomical differences between the male and the female form, but these are also covered in some detail in the companion to this title, Drawing the Female Nude. Introduction 6 Structure of the human figure and methods of representation 7 Line and tone 7 Procedure 7 Proportions 8 Framing 8 Planes 9 Gender differences 9 The male body and the female body 9 Perspective distortions 9 Perspective 10 Lighting 10 A few practical considerations about drawing nudes 47 Studies of male nudes 51 The erect figure 53 The seated figure 75 The kneeling figure 81 The reclining figure 87 The figure in perspective 93 Recovering spontaneity 97 Bibliography Category: Art.

Male Nude Drawings

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