Men wearing panties stories

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Working at Victoria's Secret, one fine day a year-old walks up to me and asks me to measure her bra size. It got really awakward because her boobs were bigger than mine. Worked at a boutique in college. Saw a man buy a nightie neglige?

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Stories - Panties For Men

Mark is a successful manager at a marketing firm. He has been using his company computer for other things than just business though. His secretary finds out about his little secret and sets out to use this to her advantage. Soon Mark is no longer wearing his own underwear and he is on a slippery slope towards forced feminization.

He Wears The Panties

Putting out my laundry one winter evening, I noticed that most of my underwear was terribly ugly. Embarrassing to say, but I think some of my panties remembered times of secondary school. They were the ones of bleached colours, with childish flowers and hearts on them.
Yes it was when my sister and I went out drinking one night at a club we were both pretty drunk and decided to get up and dance, nobody knew us there, we were on the floor and she kept pushing her pussy against my cock so I responded by kissing her on the lips, and slipping a hand up her top and played with her tits when she said cuddle her and undo her bra,we went back to our table in the dark corner I sat her down stood behind her kissing her neck and ears while my hands went up her top and removed her bra, it was a pretty purple lace one,I keep keep kissing her on the lips then slipped h I got my cock out pulled up her skirt turned her around and Bent her over then dropped my pants and slipped my cock inside her and was fucking her and before she could tell me pull out don't cum in her I held her tight and cum deep inside her, she stood up then noticed I was wearing her pantiles and stockings and suspenders, she said I bet your wearing my bra as well, I nodded yes,she said you drugged me for sex didn't you, I looked at her said nothing we walked to the car she came to driver side took her skirt and blouse off handed them to me and said now get your male clothes off,,you wait to wear my stuff then put on my skirt and blouse, I removed male clothes and while I was standing there she took pictures and recorded me putting on skirt and blouse and getting into car. She got in put blanket around her,she smiled and said nobody can ever find out we had sex,and if you want us to secretly continue having sex then you have to start wearing my sexy lace pantiles and bra's, I want you to start wearing women's lingerie and clothing when ever we together and you wear lace nities to bed.