Naked nightelves

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Night elf heritage armor : wow

Top definition. A cartoonish character race drawn into Blizzard's MMORPG "World of Warcraft" whose females are designed to dance as lewdly as possible without provoking the censors, so that barely pubescent and undersexed teenage boys have something to spank off to without mom finding porn in their internet browser history. As above, except it is used by middle-aged, pot-bellied, unwashed, disgusting men to garner in-game favors in the form of money, items, help, etc. As above, except it is used by horny single males to elicit cybersex, since they figure any sex at all is better than taking Mary Palmer and her five sisters to give the pink mustang a spit shine again. As above, but in this case it is actually used by a female; said female is either ugly but thinks she's a beauty queen "inside," or else she is decent looking but has her wiring crossed and needs to be avoided at all costs. In the former case, said female tries to convince anything that even suggests it is a male that will support her that she looks "just like her character" in order to try to establish a real-life relationship based on cybersex and 50, pages of prefabricated bullshit.

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Night-Elf-fans May the stars guide you. View Badges! This group is for all fans of Night Elves to unite and share their interest in the race belonging to Blizzard Entertainment and to appreciate the artistry of dA members.

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