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Finally, the fans got their answer that neither Nell Jones nor Felice Smith is pregnant. Before that, she started her television career with the series Viralcom in She made her film debut in Detachment in In , she starred in the short sci-fi production of Code Academy as Frankie.

30 Hot Pictures Of Renee Felice Smith From NCIS Los Angeles Will Her Fans Mad

30 Hot Pictures Of Renee Felice Smith From NCIS Los Angeles Will Her Fans Mad

Hollywood has the tendency of portraying nerdiness as an unsophisticated and unattractive feature, but ironically, for that purpose they use, more often than not, very attractive actresses. Posted on Apr 14, Photo : imgur. Amanda Seyfried portrays this character as someone who is nerdy and unattractive, with a bit of a failure because she's visibly gorgeous, thus making a plot hole in the movie and slightly overshadowing Megan Fox's character. Rachael Leigh Cook's character in Not Another Teen Movie is the perfect example of how it's become a cliche to make an attractive nerdy girl to be considered ugly until the already established and overused plot makes it turn out otherwise. Photo : like2see.

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Ariel may have been in the news lately for issues related to custody battle and a boob-reduction procedure, but she is best known for playing the sensible, sweet and studious daughter in the award-winning Modern Family. Off screen, Ariel is a stunning starlet who has handled her incredibly sexy self with grace and humility. She landed her first acting gig at age six, explored the theater scene a bit, and then got her big break in NCIS, where she played a plain Jane analyst with a friendly, approachable nature. Renee is a stunner in real life who has successfully experimented with different hairstyles and is one of the few celebrities to rock fedoras and beanies in style!

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