Senior adult hip hop choir

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Video: Senior Adult Choir Hip Hop

Christian Nightmares, The FBC Senior Adult Choir attempts some favorite

See details in the comments. Just ran across this video. HT Cawleyblog From the description it sounds like an object lesson video for a youth retreat. They had the church choir sing popular hip hip music. Anyone recognize your church members? Several versions of this video are circulating on Youtube, this one looks like the original.

Senior Adult Hip Hop Choir

The Aug. Skelley continues, "When the choir's on on a Sunday morning during worship, the intensity just raises to a whole [other] level. The minister of music then begins to describe what being a part of First Baptist's choir is like, but stalls, being at a loss for words. Skelley says it would be easier for him to simply sing how he feels. At that point, Skelley snaps his fingers and the scene cuts to the music minister and four other men adorned in robes standing in a line across the screen.

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