Sex with my dog

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Photo via Pixabay left and Unsplash right. Others point out that dogs operate on primal instinct and may mistake your compromising position to be a situation that requires saving and immediately pounce to protect you. You may be cool with doing it doggy style, but just how cool are you when it comes to actually doing it in front of your doggo? We asked around.

We Asked People What It’s Like to Have Sex in Front of Their Pets

We Asked People What It’s Like to Have Sex in Front of Their Pets - VICE

In many countries of the western world its concidered illegal for men or woman to have sex with or view porn of sex with animals. Police are actively monitoring internet service providers to trace who has been accssing animal porn on the internet especially if credit card transations to view take place and prosecutions will take place. This crackdown is going on as its considered cruility to animals, it can be extremly dangerous or even falal in the case of a man or woman who attempts anal or vaginal sex with a stallion due to it having a 24 inch penis and fatalities have occured. In addition there are certain cancers that can be spread to humans from sex with animals, so you have been warned. A dog can attempt to penetrate and tie with a woman but dogs procreate. If you ever watch a mating, the bitch is held still while the male mounts, The bitch does NOT enjoy the process at all.

Why Your Dog Is Watching You Have Sex, According to Science

When we think about dogs, the image of a cute, furry four-legged friend running around the house comes to our mind. It is exactly why people keep dogs. While these are the normal reasons why people pet dogs there are some people, who enjoy a human-dog sex relationship.
Dogs were put on this Earth for one reason: to love mankind. Also, to chase tennis balls and lick their own butts Regardless, the bond forged between humans and dogs is one that will never be broken. Still, that doesn't mean it can't be strained.