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She did experiment on the Hyakuya children. She treatet Shinya like shit. Even the author stated that she is a brutal character. She killed so many innocent people AS Mahiru Hiragi.

Sex and the Sixteen-Year-Old

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The health, optician and beauty retailer is at an advanced stage of its major renovation project which is due for completion in the coming months. This will be the fourth time that the Harty family have significantly reinvested in CH which was originally founded by Fionan Harty and Patricia Chute back in Fionan and Patricia decided to call their new pharmacy CH, after both surnames. The award winning family run business is now looking to hire new team members to compliment the seventy strong workforce already in place.

Sweet Sixteen (song)

Eventually, after she had pleaded repeatedly with me, I agreed to ask her father, my Swiss husband. Why was this? Was she really too young? How many of my own prejudices were involved in my decision? How would my husband feel?
The song written by Idol and produced by Keith Forsey. It was also a hit across Europe and beyond. In Latvia, Leedskalnin was set to marry Agnes Skuvst, but she broke the engagement and Leedskalnin decided to emigrate to America. He built the Coral Castle there in dedication to Skuvst, who he often referred to as his "Sweet Sixteen".