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Here, ten women describe their hottest sexual fantasy scenario. I'm both an exhibitionist and a voyeur so I've always been turned on by the idea of people watching me submit, and I'm a trans lesbian myself so of course it has to be a damn near shameful, sinful encounter. It could be in a park or an Applebee's for all I care. You can get cute costumes and act out different scenarios.

Women's Deepest, Darkest Sexual Fantasies

6 Women On The Sexual Fantasies That Always Get Them Off

Back when I was 20, the Internet taught me everything I never knew about taboo sex, bizarre fetishes, and obscure fantasies. It seemed like a twisted and sometimes unsanitary world, but my eyes were opened to the notion that the mind-body connection works in mysterious ways: Even the most depraved thoughts can bring pleasure. Sexual fantasies, of course, are a normal part of life. In our minds, we can engage in risky behavior without consequences and indulge our inner freak without judgment. To find out, I convinced dozens of women to reveal their most taboo sexual desires.

10 Sexual Fantasies Many Women Want Fulfilled [From Her]

The sweet damsels are more on the dreamy and romantic side of things, but they do have their own share of sexual fantasies for women. And quite surprisingly, the top female fantasies are not very different from what men want in bed. After asking a lot of women, and of course, through my own personal experience, here are the top ten sexual fantasies for women. Women may say what they want, but most women at least indulge in a few of these fantasies, if not all. But what the hell, I like it, so here goes the top fantasies for women.
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