Sissy truth or dare

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Each day you will be presented with a choice like above, each of the two photos will hint at what the Truth or Dare could be for that day. If you are unwilling or unable to complete it, you will be required to complete written lines as punishment to continue in the game. What will the Truths and Dares be? Is Chastity Required?

Sissy Truth or Dare

Truth Or Dare Online:

So I've been secretly cross dressing since I was 13 years old, using the name Kelly when I'm a girl. My family could never understand, and this secret side of me was busting to get out by the time I was So university couldn't come quicker, I moved far away from my hometown, and found myself in a flat share with three girls. One drunken night I confessed to them about my feminine side and they loved it! The girls were Lisa, a pale blonde girl who was skinny and had a killer smile, she was the most confident of the group and definitely the leader. Then Ellie, she had black hair and was also quite pale with some freckles, she was quiet but sweet, and had huge tits but a tiny waist.

Truth or Dare Sissy

It was your usual high school gath. At the time I was just an innocent 18 year old enjoying life with some friends. My name is max, and this is the story of how a small 20 person gathering turned me into a sissy. It was mid-year of the final year of high school, and my friend Isabel was holding a gath on Saturday night. It was a welcome break from study, and a great opportunity to catch up and have fun with friends.
You wait nervously outside the front door of Samantha's house, your heart pumping as you still can't quite believe your luck. Just a small, nerdy guy like you being invited over to the most popular girl at school's house! Finally gathering up the courage as you tentatively press the doorbell, hearing the sing song chime through the door. A whole minute passing as your mind races, maybe she's not home?