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Glamorization of stick-thin figures has led to health risks among female entertainers. Dangerously skinny K-pop girl groups By Rumy Doo Glamorization of stick-thin figures has led to health risks among female entertainers Published : Sept 26, - Updated : Sept 27, - Member of a Seoul-based college dance group Lee Hyo-min not her real name says she has no fancy tricks up her sleeve when it comes to dieting. Looking like the members of K-pop girl groups on screen takes tremendous effort, according to Lee. Girl group GFriend poses for a promotional photo for sports brand Akiii Classic. The girl group member is currently resting in her hometown of Pohang and now weighs a little over 40 kilograms, according to reports.

How to calculate your ideal "Skinny" weight. (my proana blog)


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17 Idols Who Were So Skinny That Fans Became Extremely Worried

K-Pop idols strive for fit physiques, but at one point in their careers these particular idols were slender enough to cause fans to become concerned. This caused them to worry whether their beloved idol was getting enough to eat and sleep, but nowadays Taemin is looking more lean and muscular! Some pointed out his collarbone in this photo.
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