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The acquaintance asked if she could take a picture with Quqco. They snapped a photo, then the pair hugged and parted ways. Originally, Quqco, who asked that NBC News identify her only by her Twitch name to protect her safety, had planned to have a booth at TwitchCon, where fans of her streams and attendees could find and buy her artwork. But Quqco said she believes she was targeted earlier this month by an organized group of trolls — in this particular case from a Reddit page — who mass-reported her account to Twitch and successfully got the platform to slap the second of three strikes on her, ban her for three days and revoke her access to her own booth at TwitchCon.

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Update, September 15, AM EST: Bridgett has now been unbanned, having served a three-day suspension for "engaging in sexually suggestive content", but has not had further clarification for her ban. Although Bridgett has been streaming since mid, she has enjoyed a spike in followers in August and September of , partly due to her appearance on the popular Twitch dating show on Rajj Patel's channel. She then also went viral on the platform, after offering to make a sex tape with Overwatch streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel , which quickly did the rounds on Reddit and social media. Although she has been criticized for her choice of attire and the content of her streams, even hitting back at accusations that her broadcasts were akin to porn , it's possible that it is not the content of her streams which have caused the ban. At the time of writing, it cannot be confirmed if this was indeed the cause of Bridgett's ban, but the ban length was confirmed as three days.

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Her mother contracted an illness from a volcano. For one year, Anita lived in a treehouse in a field, where she was raised by hippies. She has attended almost no formal school. To make ends meet, she has sold hand-picked pastel-colored sea glass from the English coast.
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