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This is an archived article that was published on sltrib. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. The first time Utahn Tyson Apostol was on "Survivor," his behavior surprised his girlfriend. Sort of. Apostol didn't win that season "Survivor: Tocantins". He didn't win when he return for "Heroes vs.

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The Cast of Survivor: Prudes Vs. Nudes

Tyson Apostol - A good guy to have around Tocantins - all season long. Love him. Tyson's rebuttal? She comes off to me as kind of being

No nude antics for Tyson this time

Villains, Blood vs. However mean spirited he was to certain players with his dry sarcasm and wit, he usually looked tame compared to the loudest personalities on his seasons. Him laughing at Coach, shaking his head at Russell Hantz or letting Brad Culpepper get cursed out, he was always primed in a position to win had he put a strategy together. Every player sent home meant angering someone else, yet he knew how to navigate through that emotional minefield plus he won the final two Individual Immunity necklaces necessary to please his winning case for a million dollars. For that, and a couple dozen reasons more, we at Surviving Tribal would like to wish you a happy 38th birthday!
Tyson Apostol says he refused to get naked during the latest season of Survivor because there was a "different vibe" around camp. Apostol - who became notorious for his nudist antics during his first season of Survivor , set in Tocantins - was eliminated from Survivor: Heroes vs Villains after Parvati Shallow played a hidden immunity idol at tribal council, negating her votes. Apostol had the next highest number of votes and was eliminated. Hero James Clement and villain "Boston" Rob Mariano were also eliminated in last night's double episode.