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As its title suggests, Border blurs boundaries. The story begins at a literal border — a Swedish ferry terminal — and proceeds to dismantle more abstract ones: between human and animal, male and female, civilised and primal, right and wrong, possibly sublime and ridiculous. In terms of genre, too, it straddles Nordic noir, outsider romance and folk fantasy. And it features what could well be the weirdest sex scene in the history of cinema.

Sex in Sweden

Border: a Nordic noir romance with cinema's weirdest sex scene | Film | The Guardian

Lisa's life is a movie. Everything she experiences she captures on film. Recording every memory, every step, everyone she meets. As Martin's and Lisa's relationship fall apart, the exhibitionist Lucas makes an entrance in the view-finder. Votes:

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Based on just the most surface-level description — a disaffected border guard finds new meaning in her life after meeting a mysterious stranger — it could easily be filed under Toned Down Oscar Drama, but Border offers something so much more. Yes, the unhappy officer with an extraordinary sense of smell and a paralyzing fear of lightning is a troll living among humans, but when we meet Tina Eva Melander , she has no idea why she is the way she is, or why she looks the way she does. What makes it startling is that Tina, to that point, had presented as female and Vero as male — but in the heat of the moment, Tina is shocked to find that she actually has a penis that produces when she is aroused. Vore, aware of what they are, is prepared for this, but she is not, and their encounter in the woods rips down the last barrier Tina has between her performance of humanness and her internal animal impulses. Become the Troll.
A famously liberal nation with progressive laws on equality and anti-discrimination, there is a stereotype of sexually promiscuous blonde Swedes that has perpetuated since the s. We bring you a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about Sex in this Scandinavian country. In the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden is known as a liberal and egalitarian society.