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Before the Khmer Rouge era the elite was made up of feudal landowners and people connected with the court. They worshiped high Khmer culture, dance, music and drama; hired nannies; and sent their children to French schools. During the Khmer Rouge years the elite was the Khmer Rouge leadership. After the Khmer Rouge was ousted, people with connections to the government took control of much of the wealth.

Meet the 10 Richest People in Southeast Asia (by Country)

Meet the 10 Richest People in Southeast Asia (by Country)

But a Reuters investigation shows that Hun Sen's family and officials have overseas assets worth tens of millions of dollars, and some have bought themselves European citizenship. Filed Oct. It was December But a Reuters investigation shows that those closest to Hun Sen have done exactly that. He has jailed or exiled political rivals, shut down media outlets and crushed street protests. Only three men have controlled their countries for longer: the presidents of Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo. If Hun Sen stepped down tomorrow, Vladimir Putin would have to rule Russia for another 15 years to match his time in power.


Very probably Kith Meng, a self-made billionaire. He was not even 10 years old when the Khmer Rouge sent his family to a forced labour camp. The family died of starvation but he and his brother escaped to a Thai refugee camp when the Vietnamese grew tired of presumptuous incursions by the K. From there, they were given asylum in Australia, where they studied business, then came back in
As one of the emerging regions with the fastest growing economies, Southeast Asia is currently home to billionaires , primarily coming from its 6 largest nations. In the recent years, ASEAN has become an increasingly attractive region not only to tourists, but investors and businesses. Each of these 10 individuals below have built their empires and accumulated their wealth in their respective nations, mostly through various fields of business.